Realistic Alternative Solutions

Jesus is Alive!

Solar & Wind Power can work in your boat easily!

Boats are great fun - and the wind is always close by! Wind turbines have been developed to produce power on boats for years - and now they are easy to instal, reliable and totally sealed from the weather!

It is easy to add solar panels to your boat as well to compliment the wind turbine especially for those days where there is no wind - but often the wind turbine is enough...

For this type of system, you will need:

  1. An Energy Converter (normally a wind turbine though solar can be used)
  2. A Regulator (not needed with the Air-X unit as it is self-regulated)
  3. Batteries (needed to release energy when you need it)
  4. Stand Alone Inverter (rated to your power need)
  5. Wires & connectors to go between #1-4

It doesn't get too much easier! In most cases you simply connect the Inverter to your battery & plug in your appliance (TV, Fridge etc) and away you go!