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Jesus is Alive!

It came as a surprise to me that the Bible contained facts. It says a lot of amazing things: one of which stated that water is needed for life.
Water is vital for us to drink and bath (wash away infection)and is in general good for us.
But it came as no surprise that the laws in Australia allow water to be delivered through our taps that is very detrimental to our health.

I have always consumed a lot of water - and regularly carried a plastic drinking bottle. I could taste the plastic so often froze it to avoid the taste. It didn’t seem as bad when cold!
I installed a filter years ago which helped a lot with the taste but not the plastic taste & smell. There were many to choose from - but the Aqua Pro offered the best value - High Quality and Filters that were actually good for your health! The Aqua Pro Water Filter can remove a stack of bad chemicals and the cartridges last for up to 45000L!! This is extreme value for money (ie 0.2 CENTS per litre!)This is a LOT more cost effective, convenient and effective than the jug type filters which we do not sell due to health risks.

Recently I read a few articles about the damaging affects of plastic on our health and decided to try out a stainless bottle. WOW! the difference!

I immediately decided to add the EcoTanka water bottles to our range as they are incredible. A fledgling New Zealand company that is dedicated to creating the worlds best water container!
My whole family uses these amazing bottles now - and coupled with the filters I sell, the water tastes FANTASTIC! We also sell kooler kovers (cooler covers) that insulate the bottles keeping the water cold on hot days.
No need to boil or freeze - and it is now HEALTHY - the way God intended.
Stainless Steel Water Bottles Are Safe & Friendly!

Showering is another area that the water is killing us...One of my sons gets acute Eczema so we switched to Neways Refresh and it cleared up instantly. Not to try to push neways - but we did try nearly every different cream & wash....some worked but only for a few days then things would flare again. But the Neways was constant - Elijah no longer has ANY sign of this when he used to have scabs & bleed regularly! I also can’t believe the results from the shaving cream - it is amazing anyway I digress!
Even after using Refresh I would find that at times I would come out of the shower with itchy eyes & throat, feeling terrible. Well all those chemicals - particularly chlorine, enter the body through the largest organ (the skin) and into the lungs. Chlorine is a poison gas!
So now we sell shower filters that are cheap, easy to install and VERY effective!