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Our goal is to help you save money on top quality, tried, tested and true products / services that are actually good for you.

While we firmly believe
only Jesus can save your soul (not religion), we hope you can save some cash by shopping with us.

Have a look at our growing range or let us know what you are looking for.

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We provide in depth information and support for a wide variety of alternative solutions - from solar and wind power to healthy living. Due to building renovations, our display and sales outlet is closed, however we are still able to provide information and support - and now sales through the below websites.

due to a programming issue, we are stuck in between two main websites: one that is old and outdated, and one that doesn't yet have all details or photos uploaded and has some issues.

We are working hard to update the new site, however in the meantime, have developed a couple of smaller niche sites with a specific range in each.
For example - Stainless Steel Water Bottles & some related health products on one site, solar cooking on another, wood care products on another etc.

If you can not find what you are looking for please contact us.

We also provide direct quotes and invoices to schools, businesses and government agencies.

Safe Water Bottles WEB

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New Website
We have just launched a website for fast, easy ordering of the latest range of ECOtanka water bottles, lunch boxes and related products.

Keep an eye out for specials and use this code to save $5 off your order over $50:


It's nearly Easter!

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Pesach / Passover
One of the most incredible times of the year for Jews and Christians - but also for us!

Great weather, good food and amazing products are just the beginning: this season we remember some great truths...

Sun Ovens Australia

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Solar Cooking
We can't rave about the Sun Oven enough!

So much so that we have set up a dedicated website with information, reviews, recipes and online ordering.

Incredible environmental, financial and health benefits with this one!

Rubber, meet Road!

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Wild Eden
This is where we use, test and rely on products & practises that we promote.

From composting toilets to solar cooking to permaculture to spiritual and emotional well being, DIY / building tools and much more, there is something for everyone.

With day to day living, sales, information, displays and training days, there is something for everyone.


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We have one of the largest ranges of ECOtanka stainless steel water bottles available in Australia.

Shop with confidence from our exhaustive range, save some money and get fast delivery Australia Wide.

Custom Bottle Printing

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We can arrange quality colour printing for your stainless water bottles.

Great for advertising your business, brand, cause or club. Contact us with your ideas.

Some of the Brands we use & sell:

We can save you a lot of money on this Expanding Range:

Health - Supplements and dietary methods that actually Help
Water - Safe Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Water Filters
Cleaning - Safe Cleaners for Body, Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry and More!
Hygiene - Toothpaste, Chewing Gum, Insect Repellant, Deodorant, Cosmetics
Food - Organic Flours, Grains, Milks, Beans, Snacks and more
Energy - Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Battery Chargers
Appliances - Efficient Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines etc
Solar Cooking - Solar Cookers, Sun Ovens
Spiritual - Bibles, Tracts, DVDs, Stickers & T-Shirts
Educational - Scientific Discovery, Religious Fallacy
Home School - Relevant & Fun Educational Tools
Auto, 4wd - Electrical, Switches, Parts
Caravan, Boat - All Kinds of Accessories / Add ons

You will find it here with some of
Australia’s Lowest Prices!!

Remember - we can save you money but only Jesus can save your soul!


Healthcare, Supplements, Organic Foods, Safe Cosmetics, Safe Cleaning & Hygiene, Organic Foods, Solar Cookers (Sun Oven), Drinking Water Filters (AquaPro), Shower Filters, Safe Drinking Stainless Water Bottles (EcoTanka), Wind Turbines (AirX Air Breeze), Solar Panels, Inverters, Regulators (PL Plasmatronics PL20 PL40 PL60, Tristar, Prostar, Morningstar, MPPT), Battery Chargers (CTEK, Redarc, Projecta), Switches (Narva & Hella), Wiring, Battery isolators, Fly Traps (EFEKTO, Hovex), Pumps (Johnson, Lorentz, Brumby), Compact Fluoro Light Bulbs, Map Books & Posters (QPA Roads & Tracks), Tyre Repair Kits, Books, Bibles, Stickers, Composting Toilets, Mobile Phone Aerials, Fridges, Freezers, Washing Machines and much much more!