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Water Recycling Perth Western Australia

Obviously, there is concern at the moment about the lack of water in our aquifers. Reservoirs and dams are at low levels so something must be done.

The question is, what? We see a number of options but the Government / Water Corporation have decided on recycling water for home consumption!

We were designed, for fresh, running water. Our bodies operate best when we have access to plenty of this life-giving liquid.
Unfortunately, we live in a time where labratory tests are what are used to confirm the safety of certain products, not common sense. Similar tests once declared DDT a safe substance to spray through towns and over the population in the control of insects. Years later it is discovered how harmful and irreversible the effects of the substances. What was once thought a good idea in feeding cows, later was discovered to have contributed to an outbreak in mad cow disease and the destruction of thousands and thousands of animals.

What will they discover in years to come about wastewater that has been filtered? Will microbes be discovered? Bacteria? Maybe they already have!

Lower usage - would you prefer that you have to drink recycled water or that you have lawn in your garden? Swimming pools? Ponds? Car Washing? THere are hundreds of uses for water that are non-critical. We live only minutes from the beach but want to use tens of thousands of litres of water in a swimming pool… Shouldn't we be looking at these things before deciding to drink recycled water?
Do the majority of people really more about their pleasure / lifestyle than health?

And here lies a huge problem with the current system. WE haven't decided or been given any choice. In fact the chances are they didn't even want to tell us!
They have made their decisions and we are the ones left drinking the mess!

Immigration, population expansion, seperate supply for drinking water / cleaning etc. There needs to be a different solution.

There is no doubt that the weather operates in cycles, both hot and cold, and wet and dry.

The driving force for almost all of these cycles is of course the sun. We are currently in a period where there is a lot of solar activity and the reflected temperatures are temporarily high.

Fortunately, God put systems in place to equalise this rise in temperature. The weather is more erratic but it does stabilise temperatures around the globe, despite the increased heat and energy from the sun. Is our belief that human activity on the planet is not going to make any change to the cycles or temperatures. That said we do agree we should be responsible about the chemicals we use and put into the system.

Our belief is that we will yet again (as we have seen all through history) come out of this hotter spell and there will again be more rain.

Instead of limiting water usage, we are going to recycle water for drinking! It is almost so absurd we can't believe it's true.
But it is. What are we going to do?

Our advice is to fit filters to your shower, reverse osmosis filters (minimum 4 stage) to your drinking water, and use rainwater wherever possible.
If you are unwilling to put Reverse Osmosis filters unders your sink for drinking (it's easy) we would suggest you buy a good quality bottled water. Be warned - many are just scheme water with chemicals!
If you use rain water be sure to keep any cats off your roof (they urinate on the roof).

Limit your own water use.

Write to your local member about yoru concerns.