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Jesus is Alive!

The Rabbit versus Jesus

Beliefs behind the Rabbit & Eggs:
A Rabbit (Hare) ‘god’ (named Eastre) was responsible for new life & plants in spring.
Giving each other eggs would celebrate & make this ‘god’ happy so that you would get more new plants.
Modern Day Result > You pay a lot of money to give each other food that is bad for you.

Beliefs about Jesus & Easter
An all-powerful, loving Creator came to His own Creation to rescue the people He loved from the consequences of the wrong (sinful) choices they made
He gave everything - died and rose again - and the people who accept & follow also felt better and
wanted to worship Him.
Modern Day Result > You are FREE to worship Him or not - but His Gift of life is free for you anyway!

Which one is primitive?
Which one is ignorant of science?
Which one puts pressure on the person to perform (or give gifts!)?
Which one helps the person?
Which one is religion?

Some of you will still automatically think that the Jesus one is religion...look again!
Religion is trying to be good (or at least think you are) by doing something. Buying someone a gift for instance. Making a ‘god’ or other person happy, to feel good about yourself.

Sure a lot of religions try to use Jesus to rope you in...but Jesus
was and is against religion!

Jesus strongly opposed religion.
He knew people are completely religious and LOVE to feel like they are in control and responsible for the good in their lives.
But He also knew the guilt & pressure that puts on a person...and how it leads to terrible consequences. So He opposed it - and taught a way that is different from every other religion.
He was more rude & harsh to the religious leaders than anyone else!

He taught that He was a God of Love and Forgiveness - He gave GRACE
Think about any religion - even the mindset of atheists etc. It is all the same. Religious. “If you do good enough you will do better”
Karma is but one example. If you do bad you will suffer in ‘another life’ so do good things & earn a better life.

But Jesus said
“you are helpless, I will rescue you - don’t worry about guilt or trying to earn it - it’s my gift to you, I died for you... I Love you” *

WOW - what a relief! You broke the law - the penalty is death - Jesus paid your His Blood, Torture and Death - at Easter!


So would you rather serve a loving, caring, forgiving God and honor Him...or honor an imaginary rabbit god that can’t see, doesn’t care & has no power?

Meet Jesus this Easter > He is the one who gave you life & Created the world with it’s seasons


* - this is written in the Bible.
If you are like me you will have all kinds of opinions & ideas about the Bible.
But here’s the thing - it is TRUE!

I can show you some evidence that will help you, - just email me.

The Bible can be proved true by science (not foundationless theories), textual criticism, archaeology, prophetic accuracy, numerology, history and personal experience.
If none of this is enough for you - maybe you are opposed to God for a reason - normally something that people did to you or around you & you thought that God was responsible. Maybe you just need to meet Him! When I decided to allow Jesus to answer my questions - HE DID!